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Cake and WebDeploy

03 Aug 2016 » Category: » Tags: .NET, Cake, WebDeploy

Cake is great open source alternative for building your .NET solutions. What is more, it allows to attach your own written downloaded from nuget/GitHub plugins (a.k.a. Addins) which will do the job for you.

For example, as a .NET web developer I often make deploys to the dev/test/rc/prod environment. And you know well that repetitive works is the worst. So why don’t we automate this and let it be done just itself?

Get familiar with basics of Cake and clone example repo. It contains example build script which might come very helpful while building your own one. Just like we’re gonna use it right now.

I highly recomend installing Visual Studio Code and suitable extension for setting up Cake script. You can install VSC with Chocolatey.

We’re going to add new Task called Deploy. To achieve that, we’re using Cake.WebDeploy addin.

// All addins will be downloaded from nuget repository by cake bootstrapper
#addin "Cake.WebDeploy"


    .Description("Deploy to a remote computer with web deployment agent installed")
    .Does(() =>
        DeployWebsite(new DeploySettings()
            SourcePath = "./src/Example.Web/bin",
            SiteName = "CakeTest",

            ComputerName = "",
            Username = "WDeployAdmin",
            Password = "WDeployAdmin_PWD"

To call our task, simply open cmd/terminal (like cmder), change directory to one with cake.ps1 (in the root of your repo) and call

cake.ps1 -Target Deploy

Watch as magic is going to happen.

If we’d like to manualy Zip and transfer our website i.e. via FTP, we can use another Task.

    .Does(() => 
        Zip("./src/Example.Web/bin", "./src/Example.Web/");

It will pack directory with compiled project into zip file.