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Software I use (on Windows)

25 Mar 2017 » Category: » Tags: Software, Windows

Every developer has his/her favorite tools. Set of programs, software or plugins that without he’s feeling like with two left hands.

Well, I’m no exception here. I choose software to my needs with extreme caution. I must be sure that I can trust it in any situation. I don’t want to spend an hour just to fix my tool because it’s suddenly broken.

Everyday tools / Common

Chocolatey - package manager for Windows. Command line tool with which you can browse and install software without downloading anything with your browser. All you have to remember is bunch of commands like install, list and update. You can browse through cmd or online browser.

Cmder - alternative for standard Windows cmd. Based on ConEmu. Great user experience and good look.

Greenshot - For capturing screenshots. I really like it for its lightness and easy interface. It has even built-in upload to imgur!

ScreenToGif - Easy and light tool for capturing screen/camera and saving movie as gif animation.

7-Zip - File archiver, alternative for ex. WinRAR.

Sublime Text 3 - Text editor that I use every day as a clipboard or draft workspace. For real development I prefer using VS Code.

Typora - Markdown editor.

Foxit Reader - PDF reader, alternative for Adobe Reader.

VLC - Media (film) player.

QNapi - Subtitles downloader.

Foobar2000 - Local library music player.

Spotify - Music stream app.

f.lux - Screen colour temperature adjuster. Great app for people who tend to work on evenings.

EyeLeo - For people who have problems with eyes and work with computer for hours.

Dev and Sys

Rapid Environment Editor - graphical environment variables editor. You can manage you System or user variables like PATH.

SourceTree with Kdiff3- GUI app for Git with diff merge app. It’s just easier…

Visual Studio Code - Text editor. What I like about it is project oriented workspace and plugin managment. It has quite neet .NET languages support, which is nice.

LINQPad - Run projectless C#/F# programs or query your real database with Linq!

dotPeek - Decompile DLL and generate PDB files.

LockHunter - Can’t delete or rename file or folder? Check which process is blocking it and unlock.

FileZilla and TotalCommander - Programs for exploring file system and connecting via FTP.

Process Explorer - Process diagnostic tool. Provides much wider range of information then Task Manager.

Fiddler - Check what HTTP requests are sent and received on your PC.

Postman - GUI HTTP request creator and tester.

SoapUI - For consuming WSDLs.

VMware Workstation Player and VirtualBox - Free virtual machine managers. I have to still convince myself to using Hyper-V.

Dropbox and OneDrive - Storage services

TeamViewer - Computer remote control app

RD Tabs - Remote desktop (RDP) app with bookmarks and tabs!

Auto Hotkey - The automation scripting language for Windows. Write your macros and launch them with keyboard shortcuts!

Scanner - Small program that scan your disk partitions and draw radial chart of directory/file size share. Great for looking heavy and unwanted trash on your disk.

What about IDE

Visual Studio on of the most advanced and popular IDE on the market. I like it, though sometime it feels clumsy and slow. None of the editors has such great support for C# like VS does.

VS Plugins

Resharper - Okay, Visual Studio is cool, but only if you have R#. Refactor options, code inspection, continuous unit testing. Without those my productivity would drop down to about zero. Unfortunately, work on big solutions might be painful with R#.

Productivity Tools - Tabs coloring and positioning, smaller { } braces, indention lines, and on-save actions. VS-PPT are now open source!

ReAttach - Allows for quick attaching to process (i.e. w3wp.exe). The button will appear next to ▶ button in VS.

Add Existing Projects - If you have many projects to add to solution this tool will make it easy. Few clicks and its done!

Git Diff Margin - Little extension that gives you glimpse to history of changed line(s) of your code.

BuildVision - Extension to visualize build process.

Cake For Visual Studio - Adds Cake tasks runner to your VS and Cake files support to your VS.

Read-Only Switch - Helpful when working with files of different team and you don’t want to change any file but yours. You can lock/unlock single file with RMB-click on file tab.

File Nesting - Sometimes you want nest a specific file beneath C# class file (.cs). This happen i.e. when you badly merge your *.csproj file and EF migration files will be missing. This tool enables you to fix that issue.

Something I missed?

Those are the tools that I use. If you have any worth knowing software that help you at work, share it in comments or tweet me.