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Windows File Explorer tips & tricks

21 Jul 2017 » Category: » Tags: Windows

Create New folder with shortcut

To create new folder in open explorer window, click Ctrl + N and type name its name.

Create new folder with single shortcut

Go back or up

If you want go back to previous location where you were in explorer, click Alt + ← .

To go one folder up click Alt + ↑. That means, when you are inside C:\Foo\Bar folder, it will change directory to C:\Foo.

Rename file

This one is allows for quick changing selected file name.

Just select one file and press F2, type in new file name and accept by pressing Enter.

Rename file with F2

This also works for other Microsoft programs, like Visual Studio.

You can combine it with copying file name without using mouse: select file, enter edit name mode with F2, select whole name with Ctrl+a, copy it with Ctrl+c and paste it whenever you want with Ctrl+v.

If you have set of files that make a sequence you can rename them all at once. Selecte them all, press F2 and provide base name for those files. Each file will be named with base name and the following number. I.e. Base_Name (1), Base_Name (2), … , Base_Name (n) This works great for your vacation images ;) Rename multiple files with F2

Select file with keyboard

When you change your directory start typing name file you’re looking for. If you type correctly it will be selected, even if you won’t finish typing it’s name.


If make any move by accident, you can undo your changes by clicking Ctrl+z. It doesn’t work always, but in most cases its worth trying!

That’s it for now. I think I’ll update this in future, but for the first reveal it’s good enoigh :)