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Starting new weekly series - DevoWeek!

19 Nov 2017 » Category: DevoWeek » Tags:

From the next week I start with new series. Each weekend I will post list of things from the IT world that I think are worth to be mentioned. Surely I don’t look for wider range of readers. It just will help me memorize the interesting stuff that I encounter reading reddit/quora/facebook/twitter (etc. etc.). Writing about each one of them is simply too much time consuming for me. That’s why I switch to more brief style.

From time to time I will post normal blog posts if I think the topic is enough interesting to be covered in more extended way.

Starting this week, the very first issue will be posted the next weekend.

To the next refresh !

And BTW, it will be called DevoWeek.

PS: I guess this is the first time when I post something in less then 15 min from start of writing.

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