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DevoWeek 17/12/2017

17 Dec 2017 » Category: DevoWeek » Tags: Postman, Spotify, Testing

This week:


  • newman: the cli companion for postman - I needed a tool that I could test API. In ideal scenario this would happen also during CI build. And I found the tool. Being familiar with Postman I easly wrote my first tests using examples on Postman site. It’s really simple. There is also a Cake addon to integrate newman in Cake build.
  • MJML - The Responsive Email Framework. Heard about it from work colleague and it’s super awesome framework for creating email templates that will work on any client. Best choice if you have to create mailing in your system.
  • Fidelify - Free spotify Windows desktop client which require spotify premium sub, but gives you much better music experience. If you feel the official client lacks of music quality, you should definitly check this out. It’s still in beta (and maybe not the best looking app), but it does its job pretty well.


I’ve managed to automate a little bit bootstrapping new post branches.

I did that with F# and

You can check it out here.

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