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DevoWeek 11/03/2018

11 Mar 2018 » Category: DevoWeek » Tags: GitHub, Windows, Linux

This week:

  • Why GitHub Won’t Help You With Hiring - Some really interesting facts and thoughts presented. Worth reading. Although, the article doesn’t mean open source sharing is not good. It only states that GitHub profile won’t give you job. Personaly, I had only one job offer where the recruiter said that he saw my github profile (and it was true).
  • What’s new for the Command Line in Windows 10 version 1803
    • Kali Linux and Debian for WSL
    • Background Tasks in WSL
    • Unix Sockets (“One of the great things about this is it enables WSL to run the Linux Docker Client to interact with the Docker Daemon running on Windows.”)
    • OpenSSH-based client and server
    • Tar and Curl with Windows 10
  • Web Apps can’t really do that, can they?
    • Service Workers (in browsers)
    • Web Assembly and Blazor
    • Cross platform credential manager (in browser obviously)
    • Native UI for request payments

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