Counting builds with Azure Pipelines

  • $(Rev:r) can only be used for name definition
  • By default, builds are versioned with date and revision: $(Date:yyyyMMdd).$(Rev:r), eg. 20200507.42. The date changes every day (obviously), and for each day revision will start counting from 1: 20200101.1, 20200101.2, 20200102.1, and so on.
  • $(Rev:r) will look for internal (inaccessible by users) build versions collection,  increment last version number and return it.
  • If you would like to start numbering your packages from value other than 1, use $[counter(variables['system.collectionId'], 340)]. It'll create a new sequence named by your repository ID, starting from given value (`340`) and it'll increment itself on each invocation. Note that if you have multiple pipelines, they all will share the same sequence.
  • There is a task in market which will retrieve last version number from Build_BuildId variable. See GetRevision task.


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