DevoWeek #12

This week:

  • ASP .Net Core 2.1 features
    • New SignalR in ASP.NET Core
    • Add HSTS support
    • Rich Swagger support
    • "Asp .Net Core Module is the module which lets you run ASP.NET Core applications on IIS."
  • dotnet-env - you can know it from JS world. This small library susbtitutes environment variables on the program start. This is very helpful feature while dealing with many deployment environments. I use it in my PagiNET project where I get configuration for integration tests, setting up a database and so on. This is much better than dealing with *.config files.
  • Test-Driven Development with F# - Don't expect it to be regular TDD course. It mostly talks about how mocking dependencies in OOP sucks and stubing (with functions) in FP saves your time. Besides that, it shows ROP in F#, on really simple examples. Worth watching if you don't know yet what it is about.

Roses are red

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