DevoWeek #13

This week:

  • DRY in the 21st Century - Some notes taken.
    • 1999: "OOP was probably seen as the solution for all problems (which lead to huge class hierarchies, which we try to solve now by favoring delegates over inheritance)"
    • "...rule of thumb that if something occurs identically three times or more, then it should be refactored and stored in a common place."
    • "...we should adjust DRY to the current times. If your shopping application needs to represent a customer in the context of purchase and in the context of shipping – go on, copy it. Create two customer representations. As the DRY opponents state, those two representations will differ more and more over time and forcing it into the same class for the sake of DRY would cause more harm than good. Or, as the author of “Domain Driven Design”: “Code reuse between Bounded Contexts is a hazard to be avoided.”
  • Blazor Now an Official Microsoft .NET and WebAssembly Project
    • The Blazor project builds on top of the work done by the Mono team to compile C# to WebAssembly. That work is at a lower-level and doesn't provide any sort of framework for typical web application development; it's purely .NET running in the browser.
  • Humble Bundle Functional Programming - Get 15 books about FP for $15 !
  • The Practical Test Pyramid -it's not complete yet, but greate read anyway.
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