DevoWeek #17

I was on vacation, that's why there was a break. I'm back and DevoWeek is back too.

This week:

  • A JSON Data Context Driver for LINQPad - If you have to run some queries against large JSON object and you like LinqPad, this driver is best choice for you! Here you have manual how to use *.lpx file, downloaded from GitHub releases page.

  • Tee (command) - tee is normally used to split the output of a program so that it can be both displayed and saved in a file.

    Example in C#

    void Main()
      DateTime actualTime = DateTime.Now.Tee(time => Console.WriteLine(time));
      // it will print actual time and assaign it to `actualTime` variable
    public static class TeeExtension{
      public static T Tee<T>(this T @target, Action<T> fn) {
        if (@target == null) 
          throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(@target));
        return @target;
  • FiraCode - Font designed for programmers, it turns !=, =>, -> and other specific for C-like or functional languages to more be more human readable.

  • Rico's cheatsheets

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