DevoWeek #19

This week:

  • [PL] SMW Podcast 008: Sławek Sobótka - Budowa firmy, modele psychologiczne, mózg, neurofeedback, biohacking, metoda Feldenkraisa
  • Psychology of Code Readability - Extremly good read about how code become readable for all of us.
  • What's new in F# - F# Tooling PM - Phillip Carter, talks about new things in recent VS updates and there was quite numerous of them tbh.
  • Bogus (inspired by faker.js) - Until now, I was using AutoFixture for generating test data for my unit tests. The need of generating real-ish data for integration tests forced to find more elegant tool for this task. Bogus has great API and is very easy for use. I guess I'll start using it for my unit tests as well.


I'm thinking about switiching to 2 week releases of DevoWeek. This way I'll be able to collect more interesting stuff from the web and there will be higher possiblity of you to be interested in any of them, so it's a win-win situation, I guess.

Also this is how it work now and it's still accecptable if not even better.

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